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The thematic interventions include; “Agriculture and Climate Change”, “Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity”, “Health, Nutrition and Sanitation”, “Local Economic Development, ICT and Financial Inclusion for Women and Youth”, “Governance, Migration and Peace-Building”, “Education and Child Development”, and “Research and Advocacy”.

What we do

Agriculture and Climate Change

Governance, Migration and Peace-Building

Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity

Education and Child Development

Health, Nutrition and Sanitation

Local Economic Development, ICT and Financial Inclusion for Women and Youth


One of our major project intervention area is Rural Enterprise Development and Climate Change.

META Foundation works with communities, groups and cooperatives as a strategy to deliver development interventions. META Foundation uses enterprise as a strategy to reduce rural poverty and contribute to healthy environment through trainings, alternative livelihoods, clean energy activities, plastic waste recycling among women, sustainable agriculture practices and tree growing.

The implications of climate is getting severe hence must be checked. Strategies such as plastic waste recycling ♻ are gear towards enhancing a healthy environment and creating livelihoods for the vulnerable.


META Foundation has been working to improve the economic empowerment of women in Northern Ghana through shea. META has been working with some shea women groups in a bit to help address some of the key challenges faced by women collectors and processors in Northern Ghana and in an effort to improve their food security and economic development

The work of META Foundation on shea is focused on five (5) pillars and these include:

  • Women Cooperative Development
  • Sheanuts Aggregation
  • Value Addition and market access
  • Financing of women cooperatives and;
  • Environmental Sustainability